Saturday, October 13, 2012

展示のお知らせ @ Ed.Varie Gallery


来る10月18日(木)に、ロウアーイーストサイドにある Ed.Varie Galleryにて雑誌『Creeps III』の出版記念パーティー&展示をします!!雑誌&展示どちらも参加していますので、ぜひ来てね♪♪♪

ギャラリーの告知ページ↓ (上から二番目です)

Ed. Varie Gallery
618 E. 9th St, New York, New York 10009

Oct.18th 6-9pm

at Bedlam

CREEPS was founded in Autumn 2009 as an annual publication and artist collective. United through a mutual affinity to grotesque and bizarre subject matter, CREEPS operates as a platform for emerging artists, as well as an ongoing experimental collaboration.

The CREEPS 2012 Annual, in honor of it's 3rd year of publication is comprised of 3 booklets, in an edition of 333. Each individual booklets has unique content and screen printed covers, interior pages are laser printed. A die-cut and screen printed slee
ve holds the edition artfully together.

Nina Carelli, Panayiotis Terzis, Giancarlo Corbacho, Anthony Iacono, Larissa Borteh, Jennyfer Haddad, Michael Masse, Nathalie Zaro, Keat Teoh, Florencia Escudero, Maggie Craig, Rodrigo Quintero, Buzz Slutzky, Katie Rhody, Randi Shandroski, Garrett Traya, Joseph DeDalto, Michael Maguire, Rob Corradetti, Thang Tran, Chris Wednesday, Buttdilly, Kim Sielbeck, Faina, Amanda Lanzone, Yuriko Katori, Ashley Soliman, Maayan Schwartz, Ray & Tomomi Sohn, Ralph Losanno, J4Kd, & George Heintz

Sleeve design by Giancarlo Corbacho and Nina Carelli.

Booklet one cover by Nina Carelli, endpapers by Panayiotis Terzis.

Booklet two cover (glow-in-the-dark) by Giancarlo Corbacho, endpapers by Nina Carelli.

Booklet three cover by Chris Wednesday, endpapers by Ashley Soliman.

"Shame" and "Superfacial" inserts in booklets one and three by Giancarlo Corbacho. "Paper Babe" Insert in booklet two by the Creeps Collective.

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